Natural Cosmetics - Be Aware as Labels can often be Misleading

Posted by Vanessa Powers on April 19, 2014. 0 Comments

Natural products usually contain natural ingredients right? Well you would think so, but sometimes what we are sold as all natural products have very misleading labels meaning that what you think is good for your skin can actually be harmful instead. 

Reading Labels Correctly 

We are as consumers protected by certain rules and regulations set by the FDA regarding how skincare products are labeled. There are laws on how each product is labeled but those laws can be abused slightly leading to misleading or incomplete information. Skin care products have their ingredients listed in descending order with the highest volume first, but manufacturers do not have to put each ingredient by percentage so this is where they can be a little non-committal about the exact amounts.  Just recently it has come to light that 2 extremely well known and respected cosmetic companies had toxic materials, known to be potentially cancer...

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